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UKCMSA Nominations

Well 2022 started with a bang! I am so honoured to have been nominated for 3 UKCMSAs this year. What a treat!

Although awards, chart positions and so on aren't the be all and end all I do feel blessed to have this form of formal recognition and be in such talented company!

The nominations brought up memories old and new so I thought I'd have a little moment of reflection on the projects that gained this recognition.

The oldest being the Girl Talk video, which was totally filmed over zoom! Definitely a privilege to work with 30 odd musicians, performers, bloggers, radio hosts, fitness coaches, drag queens and general badasses all in one video. The point? To show how people from all walks of life have shared experiences detailed in the Girl Talk lyrics... but also know how to have a laugh and come together as a community. Check it out below! It took soooo long to edit but it was well worth all the smiles.

Another and more recent project is Medicate! Nominated for best Album/EP, this just solidifies how taking a bad experience and turning it into something positive is possible and the rewards are endless. Not only am I so proud of the record, y'all love it too and that means the absolute world to me.

The Worse Than Whiskey video also got a mention and I'm bursting with pride for my other half too. The stress and work Tammy (Tamography) put in really paid off and created a better video than I could imagine!

I also got a nomination for Best UK Female and still have no words. The company I'm keeping in those nominations are strong, fierce female artists I have looked up for years so to be there with them makes me feel a little emotional to be honest. In a good way!

Thank you so much to Belles and Gals and to their industry panel for the nominations. I do not envy the decision making they have to go through now. Good luck to all nominees and I will see y'all in February!

For more information on Belles and Gals and the UKCMSA head to their website at


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