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Nothing To Lose - New Single!

Well kind of...

I am re-releasing Nothing To Lose! It's been re-recorded and holds a surprise at the end (which you may be familiar with if you've seen me live).

Why? I hear you ask.

We see lots of reimagined, remixes and so on and it’s always so exciting to hear a song played in a new light. That’s part of the reason I wanted to re-release this track. Another reason is because, when Firecracker came out, I feel like Nothing To Lose was in its infancy. It was up against 3 other well-worked songs, which were stronger. But it’s always had a really special place in my heart and with this album, it just slotted in so well. So, after a few years of playing, performing and working it, I decided it needed its own time to shine. A sort of thank you to it for helping build me but also a way of bringing the recorded version out of the shadows of songs like ‘Outlaw’ and into its own spotlight. Plus, it’s really fun belting out “Through My Veeiiinnss”...

I wonder which you'll prefer..the original or the album version...?


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