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Review: One Of You. by Emilia Quinn

A review of my own song?? Weirdo! Okay so think of it as a review with insights into my brain that you wouldn’t usually get in a third party review. I hope you enjoy it and if you’re still on the fence over pre-ordering this convinces you either way. No hard feelings. Much.

The first line is almost a lie. As a songwriter we share stories all the time. But as much as you might learn about snapshots of my life through my music, I’m still a fairly private person. There’s much that stays behind closed doors so that opening line “Never been one to write my story out for the world to see” both is and isn’t strictly true. The song continues however in a very intimate fashion. I wanted you to feel like I was right next to you, almost sketching out the song.

As the story develops the song grows but in no hurry to rush to the build. There was debate on whether to bring the full instruments in sooner to lift the song within the first minute or so as seems to be the rules of the industry but staying true to the individual story I kept it in that up close and personal bubble until a more natural shift presented itself.

Opening up into the second chorus, I introduced a swell of instruments familiar to me, guitar, piano, percussion. A twinkling up beat piano line lifts the song into new heights, hinting at but not quite giving up what is to come. For those wondering at this point, I am indeed listening to the fully produced version of One Of You. I don’t often listen to my own music (seems a bit cringey) but it is fun to remind myself sometimes of what I created.

This second chorus has changed more than any other verse I’ve ever written. Not quite finding the words until a conversation during the recording process over “why?” Anyone who has seen me live knows I might be a decent songwriter but speech is when it all falls apart. Explaining how “I can’t list off the reasons I want you by my side” with a small smile dancing in the lyrics this shorter verse then blends into an uplifting full-blown chorus.

Each instrument is one I picked up over the years and of course, I couldn’t leave out stacks of harmonies could I? There are no solos here, no showboating, no hyped up break downs. Just a simple, tender and honest love story about finding my one.

It’s definitely a different flavour to anything I’ve released recently and throws it back to my songwriter days few of you will have witnessed (it was an awkward freshers in Uni phase) but I hope you fall in love with it too.

This is for all the ones we have found, haven’t found yet or have had to let go of.

One Of You. Out April 8th 2022. Pre-Save available here.


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