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I almost became a producer...

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old and never even considered singing until around age 10. The guitar was an instrument I picked up around 11 years old and then it kind of snowballed from there. A couple of bass lessons here and there lead to fronting my own band on bass. Contemporary and classical merged, I had formal training in cello and carried on picking up various instruments mandolin, uke, banjo… I mean once you have one down it’s fairly easy to pick the rest up. I did try drums and if I’d stuck at it I probably would have been decent but I do enjoy some percussion now and again.

University took me into the studio sitting at the console. I already gained an interest for it in 6th form and I decided that was the route I would follow. I didn’t intend on becoming an artist. I kept writing

Myself as a fresher at Uni in the studio I pretty much lived in for 2 years

because I enjoyed it and eventually formed a band because it was fun. Fun turned into the realisation that I can play, I can produce and I can build a brand. Breaking off to follow my own path, I am a very DIY artist now and my next single is testament to that. I wrote it myself, I played all the instruments myself and I recorded it all myself in my little music room at home.

There’s something empowering about acquiring knowledge and skills across different roles in the industry and forging your own path. I’ve almost gone from one extreme to another within a year or so from a huge collaborative project March 2021 to flying solo in April 2022. Whereas before I was telling stories from many points of view, this time this is purely my side of my very own fairytale.


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