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Worse Than Whiskey Official Video!

The official video for Worse Than Whiskey is dropping this Wednesday! I thought I'd write a little background for it here before it's release and give y'all an insight into how it was made.

Worse Than Whiskey Official Video Still Shot - Tamography
Worse Than Whiskey Official Video Still Shot - Tamography

The Concept I began with three scenes, one for each verse. Once I had the bare bones of the scenes, I took it to Tammy and we fleshed out the details with things such as the beer bottle and rose, from the Medicate photoshoots to bring those concepts back into play and relate it to that imagery. The Shoot Considering neither of us had ever really shot a music video ourselves before, the shoot was relatively quick. We shot it all in our house, using household items for lighting and props. The image above is from a scene created only using candle light in our little bathroom. And yes, the water is did get cold. From start to finish we took 8 hours shooting the whole video, we even edited it that evening as we were both way too excited to sleep on it! This video is definitely one of the most DIY projects we have ever done but it just made sense for it to be a very private and personal shoot due to the nature of the song. I cannot wait to share these intimate moments with you and hear your thoughts on the video! Worse Than Whiskey Official Music Video premiers on Maverick Magazine 8th December 5pm GMT. Patreon members get access 24hrs early. Sign up here: View the teaser here:


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