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Why Getting IEMs Made Me Emotional

Okay for anyone who isn't sure, IEMs are In Ear Monitors. Basically glorified headphones musicians use instead of monitor wedges to hear better when performing live. They also allow you to do other things, probably more than I know yet to be honest. But I got IEMs last week. They're actually a birthday present because I'm super interesting like that and dedicate my whole life to music so most birthdays and christmases consist of me asking for music-related kit.

But why did getting IEMs make me feel emotional? It's just another way of hearing yourself on stage right?

Well yeah, but they have quite a sentimental meaning attached to them for me. I've been holding off on IEMs for a long time because I didn't need them yet. After all I have been playing small gigs either acoustic or with my band but simple stuff, just plug and play type thing. So why now?

I've got plans. Simply put I have plans which, to be pulled off successfully, require in ears. This in turn means growth, stepping out of my comfort zone and into something new. Something I'm doing a lot of at the moment.

So they're symbolic of achieving things and growing my career, reaching goals and moving onto the next ones, creating new ones. Seems like such a small thing and maybe it shouldn't be that deep but to me, it is. It's something I've spoken about and debated for years. But now's the time, it's finally happening. If I'm completely honest all this change is scary in some ways but equal parts exciting and that's how I know it's right.

I know it's still a bit cryptic but you'll see soon enough what I'm talking about goes beyond IEMs. They're just a step in the right direction.


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