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Unreleased - An Exclusive Patreon Series

You've probably already guessed what this series is made of.. Unreleased songs! I've posted about this before but I wanted to go into more depth into why I'm doing it.

So 4 weeks ago I started an exclusive video series in Patreon called 'Unreleased'. The idea is that each Tuesday I post a video of a song I haven't and probably will never release. In part it's to give some decent songs that don't make the cut on records a little spotlight, but it's also to give you a deeper look into my past, my thoughts and accent that not all songs we songwriters create are good...

Don't get me wrong I won't be posting the half finished, frantic scrawls I thought would be a number one hit when I was 11... (Joey Clarkson already got one out of me and I wouldn't want to inflict any more second hand embarrassment on anyone). But some songs are 'meh'. They still hit this brief though.

I have always written what I'm feeling, directly or indirectly. I don't sugar coat my lyrics when it is direct but I do place my thoughts and feelings into pretty metaphors to get out whatever is bubbling away in my head. My brain feels like it's got 10 radio stations all chattering away at the same time and sometimes the only way to make it quiet is to put pen to paper and write. That there is the reason I do it. I don't write for records, that's a happy accident.

So this Patreon series is essentially handing over my diary in weekly increments and letting you hear all about me and my past and things I have been through. I also hope it encourages anyone else who might feel intimidated by the polished studio versions let go of any anxieties around creating something and just place what they're feeling into it. Not every creation has to have an aim, like not every song has to have a point. If it means something to you and helps you get something off your chest, it serves a purpose doesn't it?

Anyways there are some exciting things ahead in this series and there may even be an opportunity for audience participation so if you fancy taking a listen to some half decent tunes and be the first to know about the upcoming developments sign on up!


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