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Let's Collaborate: #ShareTheLove Challenge

As we embark on a new campaign I wanted to work out a way of having some form of social purpose. You know I love collaborating but this project is a little more solitary so I was racking my brains on a new way to collab during a release campaign!

So why not marry up the two and collaborate with my biggest supporters AND do something nice in the world!

The #ShareTheLove challenge is a way of sharing some light and love in the world, like my other half shed some light in my life when we met. A way to give people the warm and fuzzies and a way to collaborate with you all! does it work?

I will be posting a challenge to my social media every week designed to share some love in the world, and I want to see you post on social media how you complete the challenge.

Of course there is a perk to completing these challenges (other than the great satisfaction of doing a good deed). Each completed challenge posted to social media will be entered into a prize draw for a special zoom performance for you and two friends! You can post photos or videos, or just describe the experience on social media (with permission of anyone featured in them) and use the hashtag #ShareTheLove and tag me (you MUST use these tags or it won't count as an entry!).

Each challenge completed and posted gains an entry and you can even gain an extra entry by posting the pre-save screenshot 'One Of You.'!

So if you want to collaborate, keep an eye out for a new challenge each week on my socials and I am very much looking forward to seeing how you complete them! For more info please click here


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