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I Wrote A Song About Spaghetti Hoops...

Okay, so it didn’t end up being about spaghetti hoops but stick with me here.

So I was sat down having brunch with our lass and she said something about how she hadn’t had spaghetti hoops for ages, and that got me thinking how it’s cool I know that already because I live with her and we eat meals together all the time, which then made me think about how I somehow always manage to make fried eggs crispy, at this point it’s a talent and she hates them but then if we weren’t together anymore she’d probably miss them. THEN I got to thinking about how when you break up with someone you just have all this knowledge left over and so I wrote this line

“I’ll move into the next chapter of my story

And I’ll let you miss me”

That isn’t the song.

Tammy obviously saw me note the line down and knew I was writing something, so she started teasing me saying how Cc the dog was getting jealous I never write any songs about her so I started riffing and came up with a couple of lines.

10 minutes later I had a full song. And it all started with spaghetti hoops.

When we say inspiration is everywhere…we mean EVERYWHERE

I once wrote a line for a song after watching people take bottles to the bottle bank while Tammy filled up the tank…wait that’s a rhyme..



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