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Haterz gon' hate

So I got hate on YouTube… and it kind of got me down for a day or so. Not because of what they said (it was very minor) but because I just don’t understand why an anonymous stranger would hide behind a fake screen name and comment on random people’s creative content with the sole purpose to be hurtful.

Image Credit Little Ninja Photography

It sucks right! And it kind of made me not wan to post on social media at all. But after a chat with Tammy I realised that if I stopped posting, then the anonymous troll who probably doesn’t even remember my name wins! And I only end up losing out on connecting with the people that actually matter (you). When you post online unfortunately you become a target for mindless hate. And the bigger the community you build, the easier it is for those unwanted comments to find you. But they are a drop in the ocean compared the love I feel on the daily from the people who genuinely care and enjoy what I’m putting out in the world.

So to the haters and the trolls I say, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you feel that way and I hope you’re okay. To the rest of you, hello, welcome to my little corner of the internet. Let’s have a great time!


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