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A Year Of ZimagineD

Okay so it is a little after our anniversary of working together but bare with me, I was very very busy last week!

But it is over a year since I sent Don some sketched out ideas for an EP I had and she sent me about 6 voice notes back with loads of ideas on how to implement a brilliant campaign. I knew then that this was someone who really cared about music, about marketing music and the industry as a whole. I also gradually realised this was someone who really cared about me too. And so the working relationship began as artist and PR business. A friendship also began to blossom in parallel as we got to know each other, bonding over a shared love of Nobbly Bobbly ice creams.

We worked on a magnificent campaign, the best I had ever done for a release and it wound up being successful and memorable. Realising there was a very sweet working relationship here where we both moved to the same music, it was firmly decided in my mind I wanted to take it further. Thankfully she felt the same and so I finally became an officially managed artist under ZimagineD, a goal I had dreamed of for a while but held off to find 'the one'.

Since then I have hit some amazing goals and made big and wonderful plans. I am so so grateful to

have found such a lovely person to work with, manage me and ultimately be my friend. I cannot wait to see what the future brings for us and our little family. Bring it on because we're dreaming BIG baby!


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