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Welcome to the world of Wanderlust & Breaking Rules. Music is so much more than the average 3 minutes (or in my case more like 5) you hear on Spotify or the radio or even on CD. The stories, ideas and concepts go far beyond the lyrics on the page. So I want to welcome you to a multi-media view of the Wanderlust & Breaking Rules world. Dive deeper into the tales and fantasies these songs touch on. Experience the words in new ways and immerse yourself in art beyond the music.

Are you ready?

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The River

The River she is wild

Flowing, twisting, dangerous and loving 

She feeds life and builds universes

But hurt her world and she takes back her kindness

She cleanses and muddies

Doesn't wait for permission

She cannot be held back from her destination

Be like The River

She doesn't apologise for making her own path

Even when misdirected

She still finds a way

Raging white foam or a slow meandering flow

She is nor love nor hate

She just is.

Nothing To Lose

The Many Faces of Loss

Nothing To Lose

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Mr. Shame

On The Road To Nowhere...

In My Boots

Guided Meditation for a 6'5 Attitude




White Sheet
On The Run
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Dear Diary,


It’s been a week since I went on the run after, let’s call it the incident. I’m laying low in Crystal City before I head over the border into Mexico and change my name so I can never be found. 


It’s not my fault you know? I hope if I ever get caught someone finds this and knows, it’s not my fault. I didn’t ask for the attention, all I wanted was a good night but some people just take it way too far. Maybe I was a little blinded by the Jack that was pouring all night but still! There’s no excuse for certain behaviors and I won’t ever back down from defending myself , no matter how far it goes. 


I swung by the Mount Olive Baptist church on my way in to pray over the picture I brought with me and take the good memories with me but I just can’t seem to get into it anymore. For now I’m gonna rest up in the motel next to Yolie’s, grab some supplies from the dollar store down the road when it opens at 8 and head on South. 


I hope I don’t get caught up in anymore shit between now and then diary. 


‘Til next time…

Daddy's Girl

The Music Industry is the patriarchal figure in 'Daddy's Girl'. A male dominated industry where women are often reduced to an object of physical admiration rather than listened to. My love/hate relationship and all my issues with this industry are encompassed in metaphors, reflecting the way we often have to veil our real thoughts and feelings so as to remain favourable and easily digestible to the masses. It's exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. This industry is the thing that is making me, but I don't share all of its values.

When you think on it too long it starts to feel less like a party.

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