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Out 24th July 2020


Alt. Country/Americana, with a gritty twist. Emilia has been described as a firecracker, breaking the mould of modern Americana music by bringing her own unique tone. With powerhouse vocals, her songs tell stories while blowing audiences away with musical skill. Spanning from badass anthems to heart-felt ballads, Emilia reaches deep into her soul and presents it with astonishing honesty on stage. 


"All three [EP] tracks use gentle guitar under the voice with great percussion providing the back beat to songs which all seem to say “here I am, this is me – take me as I am, or don’t take me at all”


With a voice like this – we’ll take you exactly as you are Emilia" - Silverball Country

"'Wrote Off' doesn't need bells and whistles for Emilia to get her message across.  This young lady makes every word sung sound totally believable." - Forever British Country

"There is much to love and admire in this EP and I fully expect that we'll hear a lot more from Emilia Quinn in 2019." - W21Music

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