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Wanderlust & Breaking Rules

album out now!

“a real mix of southern gospel, 70s Rolling Stones style riffola and heartfelt Blues/Folk/Country emotions” - EF Country

Available on CD and all major streaming platforms

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Unleashing Gritty Americana with Raw Passion

Emilia Quinn stands as a vibrant force in the realm of Americana music, crafting a distinct path within the genre's fabric. With a voice that resonates as both powerful and raw, she defies conventions, infusing her melodies with a fiery essence that captivates audiences worldwide.

Her music is a tapestry woven from the threads of traditional roots music, emboldened by a gritty twist that sets her apart. Emilia's husky vocals serve as the vessel for storytelling, each song a journey through her soul, delivered with astonishing honesty and fervour.

The embodiment of a modern firecracker, Emilia Quinn disrupts the contemporary landscape of Country and Americana Roots music. Her repertoire spans from anthems exuding unapologetic bravado to tender ballads that tug at heartstrings, creating a dynamic experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

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